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  • "SocioFi apps is a unique platform specifically built to manage social engagements, Its an app which simplifies execution of an engagement idea with ease, reduces implementation time and has all the mechanics which are required to monitor the activities around the engagement.
    The uniqueness of SocioFi is that their apps save you the time and investment in actual application development. With the application ready-to-use, all we had to do was prepare content, upload our designs and launch. Absolutely no back and forth with developers or glitches on the application. The SocioFi team had taken good care of the technical part well in advance.
    The app moderations were also very compatible and made it extremely easy to handle hundreds of entries we were receiving. The best part about working with SocioFi was their easy accessibility and readily helpful nature.
    We have used the app in our recent campaigns and are happy with the product
    we wish the SocioFi team keeps up with their amazing work and brings more such applications to benefit brands on Social Media."
    - Satya V Shetty | Chief Implementations Officer
       Creativeland Asia Pvt. Ltd.
  • SocioFi is a tool that eases you the hassle of creating a whole new app all over again.. The same video application that we wanted to make took "really less" time to make and was exactly the same of what we wanted for the client..
    Not to say that the cost went down by a good amount which was passed on as an added benefit to our client.. We strongly suggest the use of this tool for everyone who is wanting to start their Facebook Campaign with an app in less than a day..
    - Sahil Shah
Our Clients
We let our clients take full control of their products.
You will have your own admin ID, a private dashboard and the rights to control your campaign at your will.

Once you launch the campaign, you will need to moderate the entries at the backend for its authenticity. Our moderating interface is designed for hassle free control of the campaign, whether it is for monitoring photos and videos or preventing spam, fraud, and viruses. We have provided you with two types of moderations to choose from:
  • Hard Moderation: Set the standard of moderation to the highest level. You can control the campaign by moderating individual entries. View the photos/videos from the backend gallery, approve/delete them and feature on the page.
  • Soft Moderation: Set the standard of moderation on semi auto mode. All the entries will be featured directly in the gallery. However, you can still moderate the entries from the backend by deleting/hiding them.
Whichever mode of moderation you choose; we have given you the key to control your campaign and better your end results.
Whether you want to run a quick campaign or build a custom application, SocioFi is designed to meet both requirements.
We have followed a click and proceed protocol to simplify your campaign creation and management.

We also understand that managing your campaign at the backend is a daunting task. Hence, we have provided our clients with an easy to use dashboard. You can customize the look and feel of the applications to match your brand guidelines. To make things easier, we have provided you with a gallery of design templates to choose from at your own will. Once your campaign is ready, you can preview it before launching. We have made it extremely easy for you to moderate the campaign at the backend.
At SocioFi we have the expertise, experience and resources to craft full scale applications across different platforms.
Our team brings creativity along with years of experience to deliver standard application development services to you. We have worked hard and poured our knowledge to accomplish various levels of application development. At SocioFi, we excel in providing services for:
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Facebook Applications
  • SocioFi Applications
Mobile Applications:
We understand the mobile apps have revolutionized the mobile market. Inception of smart phones has brought users even closer and made it possible to stay connected 24/7. This has opened a new door for marketers who have now become a part of their life.

At SocioFi, we provide brands with rich application design and development services for:
  • Smart phones
  • iPhones
  • Android
  • Blackberry
We have hands on experience in developing mobile applications that are vastly interactive, viral and easy to use.
Web Applications:
Having a socially savvy and updated website is very important in modern times. Your social media network combined with your website network can produce unimaginable results. Websites help brands build a niche community and gain loyalty in a very competitive market.

At SocioFi, we ensure that our web application services help you leverage the best of social media on your website as well. Our professionals bring years of experience in advanced web designing and development to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project.
Facebook Applications:
We understand the importance of reaching out to more number of users and engaging them on the page. It is important that your Facebook page exhibits the features of being an engaging, addictive and viral page. We have developed a series of SocioFi applications to meet your demands. You are done in three simple steps, browse, choose and install. Get value for your efforts by integrating Blog, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn to your Facebook page. SocioFi Multi-platforms apps will help you quickly build a brand persona and successfully engage your audience.
SocioFi Applications:
Our developers have worked hard to create a set of unique applications that will work on any platform of your choice. Social Media demands exciting engagements for consumers across all the platforms. Whether you have built a community on Facebook, Twitter, Website or Mobile, our applications are designed to be compatible with a platform of your choice.

From simple quiz applications to extensive project applications that cover all multiple platforms, SocioFi adapts to the need of every client with meticulous interest in all facets.

Our developers have studied each platform extensively and will deliver high quality and feature rich applications for any platform. We help you build custom applications to suit your platforms and the demands of your community.
We design and develop socially friendly custom applications for your brand.
We understand that from time to time your brand needs to engage with your consumers on different platforms.

If you have a dream application, we will build it for you.

Our development team will add value, fun, and interactivity to your projects. We strive to provide a gripping user experience and meet your every requirement as well as influence your resources in a convincing method.

Our experienced team will customize the application as per your needs. Be it enhancing the designs, changing the functionality of the application, or adding social widgets, you say the word and we will get it done for you.

Our development team will help you:
  • Build a custom application: Your audience may have high expectations from a brand of your caliber. We consider the brand’s online persona and the customer requirements as our highest priority while building any application for you. Whichever platform you choose, we will ensure that the application is socially savvy, with cool features and maximum viral potential. We will also add the final product to your dashboard for future use.
  • Enhance an existing application: Upgrade any existing application to extend reach, establish brand presence and engage wider audience.

Our developers can turn a simple photo, video or quiz contest application into a high end custom application suitable for a high scale project.
Welcome to SocioFi support panel. We have an organized team who provides you with everything you need to better your social media campaign.
To make ourselves easily accessible, we have built a online support system.
You can reach us via:
  • Direct phone line : +91-22-25940267, Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 9 p.m
  • Email your queries at :
Whether you love our website or spot glitches in any corner of the page, let us know. Be our best admirers and critics.
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